Fromm at Harvard

When the Fromm Foundation moved to Harvard University in 1972, it was Paul Fromm’s hope that a partnership with the Harvard University Music Department would “assure a permanent role for the Foundation as a vital force in contemporary music.”1 He believed that “the university’s institutional stability and vast ever-renewing human resources will add new strength to the organization and functional structure of the Foundation.”2 Since 1972, the Fromm Foundation’s independent board has been led by the Chair of the Department of Music. In addition to continuing the commissioning program, Harvard University Department of Music also established a Fromm Visiting Professorship in 1985. In 1995–96 a permanent ensemble dedicated to performing for the Fromm Contemporary Music Series was created at Harvard University. The Harvard University Department of Music is committed to carrying out the legacy of Paul Fromm’s vision to support a vital contemporary music scene.

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