Frequently Asked Questions

Please review these frequently asked questions before applying for a commission. Any additional questions can be directed to the Fromm Music Foundation Administrator at


Who is eligible for a Fromm commission?

To be eligible, composers must be a legal resident of the United States for a term of one year or more during the time of the application. For these purposes, "residents" shall be deemed to include U.S. Citizens, lawful permanent residents, temporary residents, asylees, refugees, and nonimmigrants who have been lawfully admitted to, and reside in the United States and can ensure they are legally able to be paid for services by Harvard University. When applicable, individuals must be able to provide work authorization (i.e. visa sponsor permission).


Can I apply on behalf of a composer?

No, composers must apply themselves.


I am a U.S.-American composer, but I live abroad. Can I still apply for a Fromm commission?

Yes. U.S. citizens are eligible. 


I am not a legal resident of the U.S., and I live abroad. Can I still apply to a Fromm commission?

No. Applicants must be legal residents of the U.S. for at least one year prior to applying.


I already won a Fromm commission. Can I apply again?

You may apply again after a fifteen-year waiting period after the date of your previous award.


Can I apply for funding for a piece I have already written?

No, the Fromm commissions are for new pieces only.


I have already received funding for my proposed project. Am I eligible for a Fromm commission?

Unfortunately, no. The Fromm commissions are designed to support new projects.

Application Requirements

What does the application require?

  • Basic information: Name, address, phone number, email, age, eligibility, previous Fromm awards
  • Resume: A one-page resume in PDF format
  • Project description: Title and short description (maximum of 300 words) of your proposed project
  • Sample composition: Title, instrumentation, sample recording (video or audio, maximum of five minutes), and matching PDF score of one of your compositions
  • Two letters of support:
    • One letter of recommendation from a teacher, colleague, or mentor
    • One letter of commitment from the performer/presenter of the composition being proposed

My sample piece is longer than five minutes. What should I do?

Excerpt your recording and score to five minutes or shorter.


My sample composition does not have a score in the traditional sense of the term. Is this okay?

Yes. In lieu of the score, you might upload a description of the piece for the committee. 

Letters of Recommendation

How do I make arrangements for letters of recommendation?

You enter in the recommender's contact information in the SlideRoom application, and the system will send an email to the recommender with instructions on how to upload their letter.


When are the letters of recommendation due?

The letters are due within six business days of the application deadline. See the SlideRoom application for the current year's deadline. The deadline will be included in the email to the recommenders. 


Do I need to wait for the letters to be submitted before submitting my application?

No, you can submit your application, and the recommenders will still be able to attach their letters.


Who should write the letter of commitment for the premiere?

The second letter should be written by the executive director of the ensemble who has committed to premiering the work. If the composer is the executive director of the ensemble, this letter should be written by a different member of the ensemble. If the proposed piece is a solo work, the soloist should write the letter. 


Can the same ensemble write letters of commitment for multiple applicants?



What should I do if my application is missing letters, and the deadline is approaching?

Check SlideRoom to confirm that the correct email address for your recommender is listed. Recommenders have until six business days after the deadline to submit their letters. Any incomplete applications after that point will be discarded.

Application Troubleshooting

I am having trouble uploading a file to SlideRoom. 

Make sure that the file type is one that SlideRoom recognizes. Also confirm that the file you are uploading does not exceed SlideRoom's size limits. 


I am having technical difficulties logging in to my account. 

Technical questions are best addressed to SlideRoom's robust technical support team at


I have a question about the application that is not technical.

Please contact the Fromm Music Foundation Administrator at

Information for Commission Winners

I won a Fromm commission. How does payment work?

Awardees receive an advance payment of $6,000 and an additional $6,000 upon completion of the piece. To receive the advance payment, the composer will need to sign and submit the contract sent following the announcement of the winners. To receive the second half of the commission, please mail an autographed score (that acknowledges the Fromm Music Foundation) to the following address:


Fromm Music Foundation
3 Oxford Street
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA 02138


Can the ensemble premiering my work be based outside the U.S.?



Can the ensemble premiere my work outside the U.S.?



The ensemble just premiered my work. How do they receive payment?

The ensemble should mail a recording of the work and a copy of the program (that acknowledges the Fromm Music Foundation) to our address (listed above). Please include a note specifying the commission winner.