Our program of commissioning, along with its related activities, has been guided by these simple truths: all music is modern music in its own time, and music as an art will cease to exist if a living flow of musical creation no longer reaches a concerned and interested public. Merely stating these truths serves to bring into focus the anomalous status of the composer in contemporary society. Although his creativity is the source of musical culture, the increasing imbalance between artistic and commercial values has generally denied him a recognition commensurate with the importance of his function, while simultaneously denying our society contact with music that expresses its own sensibilities.

-Paul Fromm, 19721

Since its founding, the Fromm Foundation has been committed to upholding the truths Fromm expressed in the above quote and has supported a significant commissioning program since 1952. Meet the newly commissioned composers or search our database for over 400 works commissioned by the Fromm Foundation!



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