Commission Application

Every year, the Fromm Music Foundation accepts applications for commissions of new music, which includes all types of compositions regardless of idiom, instrumentation, style, or the use of technology. Submissions in jazz, hybrid, electronic, or other idioms are welcome.

The commission amount is $12,000. Awardees will receive an advance payment of $6,000 at commissioning, and completed scores are requested within three years of the award date. In addition to the commission, an amount of up to $4,000 may be requested by the group performing the premiere of the commissioned work. These funds can be requested up to six years after the award date, but must be requested within four months of the premiere date. The fee schedule for the subsidy of premiere performance of the commissioned work is as follows:

  • Solo work - $1500
  • Duo - $2,000
  • Trio - $2,500
  • Quartet - $3,000
  • Five to seven performers - $3,500
  • Eight or more performers - $4,000

Please review our Frequently Asked Questions section for more information about eligibility, requirements, and procedures.