Darcy James Argue

Darcy James Argue

Darcy James  Argue

Title: Real Enemies
Commission: 2014
Completed: 2017 (submitted)
Instrumentation: big band
Premiere Location: November 18, 2015 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music
Premiere Ensemble: Secret Society

“For a wholly original take on big band’s past, present and future, look to Darcy James Argue” — so says Newsweek’s Seth Colter Walls. The Vancouver-born, Brooklyn-based composer and bandleader has toured nationally and internationally with his 18-piece ensemble, Secret Society, garnering countless awards and nominations and reimagining what a 21st-century big band can sound like. “It’s maximalist music of impressive complexity and immense entertainment value, in your face and then in your head” writes Richard Gehr in the Village VoiceStereophile’s Fred Kaplan adds “Argue is tying together the disparate strands of music that have shaped his life and his rambling era.”


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