Commissions Database

When Paul Fromm established the Fromm Foundation in 1952, he commissioned compositions based on recommendations of trusted composers active in the contemporary music scene, in addition to supporting already composed works by ensuring their publication and arranging recordings and performances. Occasionally, works were commissioned for special concerts such as the Festival of Contemporary Music at the University of Illinois in 1957. As the Foundation developed, commissions were (and still are) granted to composers who submitted applications to the Fromm Music Foundation at Harvard University. The Foundation has also funded the premieres of many of the commissioned works, reflecting Fromm’s commitment to supporting contemporary composers. According to our database, the Fromm Foundation has commissioned over 478 compositions since 1953.

This searchable database is the result of research gathered from the Fromm Foundation’s archives at Harvard University including those found in Isham, Houghton, and the University Archives. Due to the nature of information available, especially between 1952 through the mid-1980s, this database is not 100% complete. However, it is an invaluable research tool for anyone interested in contemporary music.  


Below is a list of composers who have received past Fromm commissions. You can also view the current Fromm commissioned composers.